The Power Skating Program

What’s it all about ?

Brent provides three courses focusing on different aspects of power skating :-

  • Stride / Acceleration
  • Transition
  • Combination

Stride / Acceleration sessions begin with a video taped viewing of the players stride. Each player is given specific information on how to make their stride more efficient.

On-ice sessions focus on quality repetition of corrective drills for both forward stride and forward acceleration :-

  • Resistance cords are used to develop great skating speed, quickness, acceleration and explosiveness as well as correct technique.
  • Accelerations cords will develop greater take off speed so he / she can reach top speed as quickly as possible.
  • Overspeed cords teach the body to skate faster than it normally can, and reset the neuromuscular system to reach new limits.

Transition is focuses on transitions such as tight turns, pivots, backwards to forwards acceleration, crossovers and many other transitions in the game of hockey.

Combination classes are a combination of a Stride and Acceleration class and a Transition class.

( some examples can be seen in the video clips on the download page )

A maximum of 16 students per session means each player gets more one on one teaching. Ages 11 and up.