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At Brent Bobyck Powerskating we are focused on developing proper skating mechanics and progression for our young and older skaters to help them reach their full potential within the sport. Skating is the foundation of every successful hockey or ringette player.

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Jaden Schwartz

Brent Bobyck helped me bring my game to another level. We have worked together for almost 20 years now and he continues to make me a quicker, faster and more powerful skater.

The ice times have always been fun with his enthusiasm, intensity and passion for the game. Bobber has had a major impact on my growth, improvement and success!

It's hard to imagine my career being on the same path as it is without him. Anyone who's fortunate enough to work with one of my best pals now, will improve and get better every session!

Ryan Murray

Brent Bobyck Power Skating has always been one of the best ways that I've gotten ready for a season. Every summer before training camp I work with Bobber to get my skating and edges ready. We are always working on ways to make me become more efficient and effective as a skater.

Bobber has been a great teacher and friend for many years. He is always focused and passionate about making all of his players the best that they can be. This is one of the many reasons that I have chose to skate with Bobber for over 20 years now!

Bobber has become a great asset to my career. As a skating coach who understands the game to the extent he does, it makes working with him an incredible experience.

I would fully recommend Brent Bobyck Power Skating to players of all ages and skill levels. From minor hockey kids learning how to skate to professionals who want to improve and sharpen their game.

Brayden Pachal

I recommend starting with Bobber at a young age. He teaches the technique to become an elite level skater, which only improves as you age and get stronger.

I have skated with bobber since I was around 10 years old and now every offseason since. He never fails to find the minor tweaks to make you that much quicker, stronger, or more powerful.

We are very fortunate to have a world class skating coach so close to home. Bobber will give you the edge over your competition with his attention to detail, passion and high intensity shown each and every ice session!

Cole Sillinger

Bobber has really helped me improve my skills on the ice. I have been working with Bobber for the last seven years now. I first came to him with the goals of becoming a more explosive, smooth and dynamic skater.

He has shown endless passion and commitment on helping me become the player I want to be. He continues to learn new techniques that help me gain a step.

His skates are designed to challenge me both mentally and physically, touch on a goal for the day and get me into the best skating shape possible. As the game evolves, I know Bobber has the tools to help get me where I want to be.

Kole Lind

Bobber has been huge for my development all the way from my younger years, all the way up and throughout my pro career.

He’s helped me especially with breaking down and fixing my stride, as well as my edge work especially with my crossovers and tight turns.  

Skating is the biggest key in hockey and Bobber knows the ins and outs of as good as anyone in the game.

Development Areas


Balance is one of the most important parts of developing a proper skating stride. It's just like building a house, if the proper foundation is not put in place at the start of the stride development it's going to make the rest of the skating stride hard to develop. This is why we put a large emphasis on developing proper balance before we move onto the angle of the stride and more advanced stride techniques.

Improve Your Balance

Edge Work

Proper edge work includes both our inside and outside edges on our skate blades. When doing crossovers or east to west skating a player is utilizing both inside and outside edges. Also, when doing tight turns you need to be able to properly utilize both your inside and outside edges when doing a tight turn going north to south or east to west. We teach our young skaters how to properly use their edges to improve both their crossovers and tight turns as these are skillsets that help players to create time and space to make hockey plays.

Improve Your Edgework


Developing a proper stride is important if you want to play at a high level in hockey. At Brent Bobyck Powerskating we teach our players the importance of improving your stride and how to do so properly. When developing your stride you need to focus on 7 major components: Posture, Ankle Bend, Knee Bend, Angle of Stride, Full Extension Arm Drive and Recovery Stride. We have dedicated camps focused on stride work because of how important mastering this skill is.

Improve Your Stride


Knowing how to properly accelerate is another important skill to learn in order to become the best skater that you can be. We focus on developing 3 main acceleration techniques. First is the V Start. This is where we start with young players so they can learn the basics of an acceleration. Teaching players how your feet need to be angled and how to use explosive short steps to get momentum going. Side acceleration is the second type of acceleration we work on. This helps players stop and start skating back the same way they came from. Finally we work on acceleration from a glide. This helps players pick up speed when the puck moves east to west and results in a transition.

Improve Your Acceleration


With how fast the game of hockey has become, your transitions as a skater are more important than ever before. At Brent Bobyck Powerskating we teach our players how to transition from forward to backward using a mohawk turn. We also go over transitioning from backwards to forwards in the same direction, which requires the player to use their outside leg on an inside edge coming off their c cut to then go forwards. Hockey players are constantly moving from forwards to backwards for defending and opening up to receive the puck and make eye contact with your teammate who is passing you that puck. This is why proper transitions are vital to your success as a skater.

Improve Your Transitions


Backwards skating is an important skill for defensemen but also forwards. A forward needs to be able to skate backwards if they are put in a position where they need to take the place of a defensmen on a back check or covering that denfensmen on the point. A proper backwards skating stride is done by making a backwards c cut on your inside edge then transitioning to a glide. Which is also referred to as a question mark. You also need to learn how to properly transfer your weight from leg to leg while maintaining c cut motions on alternating legs. Forwards also need to know how to transition from forwards to backwards on a back check and maintain their stride going backwards in order to properly defend.

Improve Your
Backwards Skating


"I have had the good fortune of being involved in Brent Bobyck Power Skating for over 20 yrs first as a parent and now as an employer. Brent’s strength on the ice is his ability to evaluate a players stride, agility and overall skating mechanics.
His attention to detail and his on ice structure creates an environment which players of all ages and skill level improve and excel. Brent has also evolved over the years participating in many professional development opportunities in order to remain current in such a competitive industry!
His enthusiasm is contagious!"

Kim Perepeluk - Martin Academy
"Brent’s knowledge and attention to detail on skating stride, power and edges are second to none.  He energy and excitement for teaching skating is a great experience for any player wanting to learn."

Dean Beuker
"We have been going to Bobyck for a few years and we have seen an unreal difference in skating, Not only is Brent a great instructor but and great person as well! Boone and Eli can't wait to get on the ice with Brent."

Dion Mallakoff
"My son Boston has been going to Brent since he was 7 , he's now 14 . Brent is not only a great person , he's a great teacher and mentor as well! He takes this very seriously, but at the same time he makes sure the kids are having fun and engaged.
Every minute of on ice instruction is utilized very well . Brent's energy level and engagement is the same whether it's the first session or the last session of the day and or if the week .
He has been an integral part of Bostons Skating and overall development not only as a hockey player but as a person as well . The feedback he provides is fantastic!!"

Butch Schmidt
"Brent Bobyck is an energetic instructor. He is always keeping up to the new technology of skating and with his energy and passion on the ice.
You can tell he really enjoys working with the kids at all levels.
Definitely one of the best in the business ."

Todd Ripplinger
"Brent has coached/trained each my 3 sons over the last 15 years. He has not only served as coach but as mentor to each of them. His dedication and support to his students is amazing.
Two have reached midget AAA with one having gone as far as AHL. Both of their skating levels have been described as elite amongst their peers which has been huge for their confidence and success.
Brent’s insistence on applying consistently what they are learning is crucial to the long term development of great skating!"

Tim Leipert

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